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The Company started in 2006 with 42 hectares to produce some of the best grapes and citrus at the best agriculture area in Egypt, Sadat City. The company is totally integrated as the fruit is grown in our farms and will be packed at our facilities that we are building. The company is building a brand new pack house that will be ready at the end of 2015, and will provide us the ability of integrating the whole process, from harvesting to shipping.

Mission & Vision

Vision: is to combine advanced techniques and strong marketing abilities to deliver premium and safe products worldwide.

Mission: applying latest technologies to reach up to-standards quality for both national and international markets. Efficient use of energy, water and other resources. Hiring highly motivated professionals.

Core values

Safety: safe products under safe conditions in a safe environment.

Integrity: honesty and integrity with customers, employees and the community.

Team Work: success is a team effort based on trust, respect and communication.


Satisfying elite costumers’ demands with the best state-of-the-art-production quality.

“With our expert team and progressive techniques we tend to be market pioneers”

Atef Eldeeb